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Has your business, construction company, or restaurant been cited for a fire code violation in New York City? Do you have an upcoming Criminal Court appearance?

My name is Christopher Thaens, and I fight fire code violations that go to Criminal Court in New York City, and I also appear in Criminal Court for you or your business. Did the Fire Marshall write you up for a fire code violation? Do you have a Department of Buildings (DOB) issue? Do you have a default against your builiding or business? Are you worried about heavy monetary fines and other harsh penalties, including possible criminal charges? Call me at 212-742-8400 or send an email to schedule your free initial consultation. I have extensive experience in this field, and can aggressively protect your rights and interests. My fees are reasonable for the small business owner. If you have received a "default judgment" and have a letter from the City Marshal, I can help with that situation as well.

According to the website for the New York City Fire Department, "The New York City Fire Code is a City law that establishes fire safety requirements for a wide range of activities in New York City. It applies to all persons and places in New York City. The Fire Code regulates such matters as:

- Emergency preparedness
- The prevention and reporting of fires
- The manufacture, storage, handling, use and transportation of hazardous materials and combustible materials
- The conduct of various businesses and activities that pose fire hazards
- The design, installation, operation and maintenance of the buildings and premises that house such materials, businesses and activities.

When you have a problem such as a fire code violation, which can also occur as a DOT construction violation, DOB violation, or other violation or ECB code violation, you need a lawyer who is focused on solving the problem, obtaining successful results and protecting your rights. I can work to fix the violation, go to court to negotiate a plea and/or take your case to final disposition.

Law Offices of Christopher C. Thaens, PC in New York
Provides Comprehensive Guidance to individuals and Businesses Facing Building or Fire Code Violations

This can include situations involving violation of Local Law #5, (the Hi-Rise Fire Safety Law) as well as owners being charged with using a commercial or residential building without a certificate of occupancy. If your situation requires a cure, our firm can assist you with all the necessary paperwork, scheduling, testing and repairs in order to satisfy and resolve these violations.Contact Christopher Thaens at 212-742-8400 to arrange for a free consultation regarding your matter.

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When you have been cited for a violation by the Department of Buildings "DOB" or the Fire Department, "FDNY",  or have a default, attorney Chris Thaens will provide you with an honest assessment of your case. If Chris believes that your citation was unwarranted, he will seek to work directly with authorities to have the violation reduced or dismissed. When appropriate, he will represent you in a motion to reduce or dismiss your case, working with architects or engineers, and other professionals, when necessary, to provide expert witness testimony to support your position. Contact Law Offices of Christopher C. Thaens, PC in New York for Fire Violations, Criminal and Default Judgments NYC in New York City.

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